Saturday, December 31, 2011

2010 musical list. forgot to post.

forgot to post this last year:

the following is a list of my favourite songs from 2010 in no particular order. please note that these are just songs that i loved the most in 2010 - they were not all released in 2010.

artist - song


lcd soundsystem - home
once the buildup in this song reaches its climax, i am moving in embarrassing ways on the elliptical (as pointed out by my boyfriend).


forest city lovers - minneapolis
most "sung in the shower" song of the year.

hooded fang - almost done
just love the harmonizing in this tune - deep and soothing meets cotton candy sweetness.

born ruffians - oh man
something about the flowing rhythm of the guitars against luke lalonde's whines just sounds soooo good. plus they are amazing live.

ra ra riot - too too fast
80's inspired intro and the round-like sing-talk just does it for me.

broken social scene - sweetest kill
i could not stop playing this song for about 2 weeks - so hauntingly beautiful.

arthur and yu - the ghost of old bull lee
"don't need to be part of a scene to cause a scene, so cause a scene". best line ever. plus these guys are a throw back to the velvet underground. i am sold.

wintersleep - new inheritors
sometimes i overestimate my worth.

best coast - i want to
"i want to, go back to, the first time, the first place". enough said.

the dutchess and the duke - let it die
never has a song about abortion sounded so good.

 surfer blood - anchorage
"now i hear you're hanging out, with electric guitars no doubt".

sharon jones and the dap kings - better things
this song makes me want to gather all my favourite girlfriends together for some dancing and man-bashing.

the acorn - misplaced

everything all the time - lazy days
one of the best songs to bike to on a spring day.

arcade fire - modern man
i just really like this song.

the stars - fixed
i just can't get enough of amy millan's sugary sweet voice - it holds my heart.

gord downie & the country of miracles - moon over glenora
love gord and julie's harmonizing. so pleasing to the ears.

band of horses - nw apt.
just a great uplifting song. aaaaand huge crush on ben.

the black keys - everlasting light
bluesy goodness. you can be my everlasting light anytime dan. anytime.

mark ronson and the business intl - the bike song
great song, even better video.

royal city - under a hollow tree
more banjo, we need more banjo.

megafaun - the longest day
i think this has to be one of the prettiest songs i have ever heard. best concert of the year hands down - sitting on the floor of the horseshoe (gross i know, but stay with me) with complete strangers listening to them play this song gave me the shivers. as if that is not good enough, my friend calan and i had the privilege to play harmonica with the band!

dirty projectors - useful chamber
i don't know how to describe my affection for this song because i don't really know, or really even care, what the song is about.

fanfarlo - finish line
awesomely nerdy.

phoenix - 1901
i just can't get enough of this son - it makes me want to dance in the middle of the street like a maniac or run miles my body can't run.

oh no! on my! - lisa make love
i will always remember this song from my 30th b-day, played live by my awesome friends.

frightened rabbit - old old fashioned

kayne west - gold digger
makes everyday routine somewhat entertaining (walking to the job you hate, walking through the dufferin mall, folding laundry at the weirdo laundromat across the street).

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Anne-Sophie (K) said...

Everlasting light is my favourite song on that album. I feel about Patrick that you do about Dan...